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  • Cleaners

    CLS Catering Services Ltd.
    30 Jan 2023
    3560 Jericho Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1C2
  • Dishwashers

    CLS Catering Services Ltd.
    30 Jan 2023
    3560 Jericho Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1C2
  • Food Production Worker

    CLS Catering Services Ltd.
    30 Jan 2023
    3560 Jericho Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1C2
  • Quality Assurance Technician - Graveyard

    Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd.
    19 Jan 2023
  • Sumner McCulley posted an event
    Are you an operations professional in the food & beverage industry? see more

    Join your peer BC Food & Beverage Operations professionals at BCFB’s innegural Operations Roundtable hosted by BCFB member, MNP, faciltated by George Anton of Qualtech and sponsored by Qualtech. This roundtable is designed to allow members to speak openly about the challenges they're facing and share ideas on possible solutions and best practices.


    Topic: Finding the Bottlenecks: What to Consider when Scaling up your Food & Beverage Process

    Food & Beverage processors face many challenges when they look to Scale Up their product output. Choices range from attempting to increase yield, to changes in batching steps, or investing in higher capacity equipment. Every Scale Up choice has pros and cons, so understanding your specific process’ “bottle-necks” will help identify the right Scale Up steps for your unique process or product needs. There will also be discussion of classic “Dos and Don’ts” when deciding on the best actions to take to Scale Up your brand’s growth.

    Key Learnings:

    • Every F&B process faces unique challenges when considering the best way to Scale up capacity.
    • The goal of “Future-proofing” your process is the best investment for any brand or product. There are ways to Scale Up now while protecting your options for future growth needs as well.
    • There are classic “Dos & Don’ts” to keep in mind during all Scale Up decisions.
    • Scaling up the right way can result in more streamlined operations, examples include more sustainable practices, labour & time savings, utilities savings, and more
    • Structured open discussion

    Who should attend?

    • Mid-Senior Level Operation Professionals in the Food & Beverage Industry  

    *Please note spaces are limited to 20 participants for this roundtable*  


    Thank you to our Sponsor



  • Sumner McCulley posted an event
    Work with UBC students to help with your finance, data or research see more

    The UBC Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) Program is looking for Project Partners to offer real-world Graduating Projects for their students from May to August 2023. Each project is supported by UBC Faculty members and staff, and can be either paid or unpaid, as long as it offers a quality learning experience and meets the MFRE scope. 

    • UBC MFRE is a one-year professional master’s program that integrates Economics, Business & Policy knowledge to meet the challenges and opportunities in the Food, Resource & Environmental sector using Data Analytics & Quantitative skills.
    • The Graduating Project is a 6-credit work experience course designed to give students a professional learning experience while completing quality project deliverables for the Project Partner. The Graduating Project takes place from May to August 2023.

     BCFB members have been great collaborators with the UBC MFRE Program, including repeat Project Partners who have benefitted from the students’ skillsets.


    Key Takeaways:

    •  Learn about the UBC MFRE Program and different ways to collaborate with them.
    • Connect if you have a real-word project in finance, market research, or data analytics this summer.
    • Some benefits of participating in a Graduating Project include: 
      • Win-win outcomes: Receive high quality deliverables, while providing valuable real-world experience to graduate students.
      • Unique structure and targeted support: Individual support by UBC Faculty Members and MFRE Staff with the expertise and skills in the food and environment sector. 
      • Innovative thinking: Access to UBC students with a fresh perspective to help you address an existing problem or research a new opportunity.
      • Mentorship: A leadership opportunity to mentor or train young talent in your field of work.
      • Valuable network: Potential year-to-year project collaboration, talent pool, or referrals for potential employees through the growing number of highly skilled alumni.

     Presented by:

    • Dr. Kelleen Wiseman, MBA, PhD 
      • Dr. Kelleen Wiseman is Director of the Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She has extensive experience in the agri-food industry in Canada and the US. She has worked for agencies such as Farm Credit Canada, the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Oracle Corporation, and has managed her own business development consulting business. With more than 15 years of teaching and mentorship experience at UBC, Dr. Wiseman’s classes focus on food and agri-business entrepreneurship, finance, market research and strategy. agri-food sector. Having worked with agricultural industry associations, businesses and government ministries, Hannah holds deep sector knowledge at both the provincial and national level. Pairing this with her skills as a researcher, she is well placed to provide excellent client service.
    • Janelle Tan, PMP, MFRE
      • Janelle Tan is the Graduating Projects Manager for the Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She has 10 years of experience in the agri-food industry, and has worked for organizations such as the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Bimbo Canada in project management, data analysis, and process improvement. She combines her passion for professional development and skills in project management to help students succeed in their Graduating Projects. 








  • Sumner McCulley posted an event
    Are you an HR professional in the food & beverage industry? Join us for our HR Roundtable. see more

    Join your peer BC Food & Beverage senior HR professionals at BCFB’s HR Roundtable. Hosted by BCFB member, Daiya, facilitated by Ivy Leung, Fresh Direct Produce & Heather Johnson, HR West, for a lively discussion on HR planning. 


    HR Planning: How To, Hot Topics, How Can We Assist

    It is that time of the year where HR departments are typically finalizing their plans for the upcoming fiscal year or are well into executing plans for the current calendar year.  Or perhaps you don’t have formalized HR plans for the year and want to learn more about HR planning and hear what others are doing.  

    In this session we will hear about your HR planning, and determine how this Roundtable can support your initiatives and/or any risks you see to your plans.  

    February 16th Roundtable Outline

    • Review a simple model for HR planning including the key elements of an HR plan
    • Structured open discussion on HR planning

    Who should attend?

    • Mid-Senior Level HR Professionals in the Food & Beverage Industry  

    *Please note spaces are limited to 15 participants for this roundtable*  

    *Light refreshments and snacks will be served*



    Thank you to our HR Roundtable Sponsor



  • Sumner McCulley posted an event
    Learn to engage and close financing on potential investors and donors see more

    BC Food & Beverage and Spring Activator, have teamed up to create an Investment Readiness Program that strengthens the ecosystem in BC Food and Beverage and accelerates the growth of businesses that require funding as they scale. 

    The Investment Readiness program will provide foundational investment education and the insights will prepare companies to speak to, engage and close financing with prospective investors and donors. The program materials will ensure companies have all resources needed to complete data room folder structure and examples to follow from companies that have raised. 

    Series Topics:

    1. Funding Fundamentals
      • This session provides foundational knowledge on commonly used investment terms and practices and explores various funding options to pursue
    2. Pitching for Investors & Customers
      • Becoming a master at pitching involves tactics related to telling your story in a compelling way while following the arc of storytelling
    3. Impact 101
      • This session provides insight and context behind popular frameworks such as impact thesis, ESG's and Theory of Change, their appropriate use-cases and how to best apply them to business activities. 
    4. Legal Matters & Negotiation
      • An introduction to legal matters and negotiation tactics are provided to ensure participants are setting themselves up for success
    5. Investment Structures, Terms & Valuation 
      • Obtaining investment is only half the battle and this session provides knowledge of investment structures, commonly used terms and an introduction to setting realistic valuations. 


    Limited space available. Selected applicants will be notified by Wednesday, February 15th, 2023.





  • Maintenance Manager

    Vitalus Nutrition Inc.
    12 Jan 2023
    Abbotsford, BC
  • Events Management & CRM Lead

    Vitalus Nutrition Inc.
    12 Jan 2023
  • Sumner McCulley posted an event
    Get your products to the market quickly and efficiently! see more

    Do you need to get your products to market quickly and efficiently either through in-store retailers, on your website and eCommerce? Then let GS1 Canada get you started on the right track while we provide support throughout your growth!

    Presenters, Alain Picard and Pierre Lessard, will take you through the identification process starting with the essentials of generating barcodes for your products, providing the right data and standardized images required by retailers, distributors and digital commerce platforms. We will share training and subsidized assist programs catered for start-up and scaleup operations. For those organizations already with GS1 Canada, we will welcome your questions and feedback during our Q&A period. 

    Key Takeaways: 

    • Product identification essentials
    •  Understand barcodes and relevance to your business
    •  Managing product information through digital network essentials
    •  Understand retailers, distributors, eCommerce industry standards and requirements
    •  Understand and respect regulatory requirements



     Presented by:

    • Alain Picard, Advisor, Community Engagement of GS1 Canada

      Alain joined GS1 Canada as an Advisor with the Community Engagement team. This new division was created in early 2022 with the main objective of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

      Part of his mandate is to work closely with Trade Associations and Educational Institutions alike. The goal being to support, educate and familiarize their members with GS1 Global Standards emphasizing the importance of minimizing start up and scale up hurdles along the way.

      Alain pursued studies in technical sciences and subsequently took the business management route where he worked over 20 years in the conference communication industry. He then started his own business in Wholesale Packaging Distribution in the Food and Grocery sector.  He truly enjoys sharing his experience and building relationships which bodes well in his current role.

    • Pierre Lessard, Director, Community Engagement of GS1 Canada

      As a key team member at GS1 Canada, Pierre has wide multidisciplinary knowledge of the organization. Over the last 15 years, he has occupied a variety of roles and is recognized by the industry at large for the exemplary nature of his work.

      He is considered a leader in the food industry sector and has a broad range of skills in product marketing leadership. This stems from product design, sourcing, and business development to sales in the retail and foodservice sectors.

      Pierre continues to look for ways to be proactive by way of his actions and education. He recently completed a certificate in relationship-based selling.

      corporates and institutions. Sean’s primary focus is helping financial professionals drive material improvements in working capital management, planning and operating margins. 







    Thank you to our 2023 Title Sponsor:                                


  • Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Coast Fruit Products Ltd.

    Pacific Coast Fruit Products Ltd.
    05 Jan 2023
    Abbotsford, BC
  • Cpage
     December 19, 2022
  • Retail Food Sales- Business Development

    Legends Haul
    21 Dec 2022
    Coquitlam, BC
  • Inside Sales Representative

    Santevia Water Systems Inc.
    21 Dec 2022
    201 – 6901 72nd Street, Delta, BC. (Partial work from home available after probationary period).
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February 16
Are you an HR professional in the food & beverage industry? Join us for our HR Roundtable. Read More