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BCFB Webinar: Wastewater Surcharges and Strategies to Minimize Them

09 Sep 2021
11:00am - 11:45am PDT

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Swirltex believes in a future of Net Zero Wasted Water and is committed to providing industries with wastewater treatment solutions that are both convenient and affordable. This webinar seeks to inform food processors of wastewater surcharges and different strategies to minimize them. Peter Christou, President and Founder of Swirltex will provide an overview of the major wastewater contaminants and the challenges food processors face with their current wastewater management. 


One of the biggest issues in the food and beverage industry regarding wastewater is very high surcharge rates. Given the wastewater from these processors is highly contaminated, it is harder to treat than municipal sewage which comes with a high price. 


Food and beverage processors are charged based on the percentage of pollutants found in the wastewater which can run upwards of $100,000 per month. This added surcharge cost is a big burden for many food and beverage processors and significantly adds to their operational costs. 


The webinar’s focus will be on wastewater surcharge rates and discussing ways that food and beverage processors can implement innovative technology to their daily processes to not only save on costs but reduce their waste. Swirltex uses leading-edge membrane technology that allows for suspended solids, oil, and other contaminants to be channelled away from the membrane surface and allow clean water to pass through the membrane pores to produce clean and consistent quality water. 


This innovative technology allows Swirltex to transform a company’s wastewater from a liability into a reuse opportunity while saving time, resources, and money. Utilizing a WWaaS (wastewater as a service) model allows Swirltex to serve its customers when and where they need it at a fraction of the cost of regular wastewater treatments. 


Implementing a WWaaS model gives food processors the ability to immediately cut down on operational costs and safely reuse/discharge the water. As the world moves towards more sustainable operations, Swirltex solutions are the future of wastewater filtration. 


Topics Covered: 

  • What contaminants are found in food and beverage processing wastewater? 


  • How do food and beverage processors deal with wastewater?
  • What are surcharge fees?


  • How much do food processing companies pay for wastewater treatment in BC? 


  • Wastewater solutions and alternatives 


  • Swirltex membrane technology:

-        How does it work? 

-        What are the advantages?



  • WWaaS (wastewater as a service) model:

-        What is it? 

-        How does it work? 

-        What are the potential cost savings for food processors using this model?


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09 Sep 2021
11:00am - 11:45am PDT

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